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Unit Description

The Thermo-T tubular heat-exchanger is designed to recover heat from energy-consuming processes up to 1800°F. Energy can be recovered and returned as process make-up air, used to preheat combustion air, or used for plant or office heating.

Thermo-T offers fully adjustable tube-size and tube-spacing. Combine this with the unmatched flexibility in materials of construction and flow patterns, and Thermo-T is the obvious choice for your high-temperature heat-recovery application. To meet unique performance or configuration requirements, both single-pass and multi-pass models are available.

The Thermo-T can be integrated with a plate-style heat-exchanger (Thermo-Z) to provide the ultimate in effectiveness, reliability and value.

The Thermo-T heat-exchanger is designed and constructed for an industrial environment. Proper material selection is crucial to the life of a heat-exchanger. Typically, Thermo-T is constructed with 304L, 316L, or 309S stainless-steel tubes and tube sheets. These materials provide superior performance in high-temperature or corrosive environments.

Optional materials are available to meet specific needs. The tubes are mechanically expanded into and then fully welded to the tube sheet. This provides a double layer of protection to ensure against cross-contamination. The tube size and spacing are fully adjustable at the time of manufacture to meet exact performance requirements.

The inner casing is constructed of the same material as the heat-transfer matrix. It is welded to the matrix at certain peripheral locations to assure an air-tight seal.

Thermal stress is another major factor in high-temperature heat-exchanger design. At high temperatures, Thermo-T's integral expansion joints allow the tube/sheet assembly to expand without causing excessive stress. The outer casing remains cool because of the layer of high-temperature insulation. The internal casing is secured to the cold outer casing by means of integral thermal expansion joints. These joints allow the inner matrix/casing assembly to move about freely without undue forces being imposed on it by the rigid, cool external casing. A layer of high-temperature insulation keeps the outer casing cool. Therefore, it will not expand as a result of process temperature changes.

The heat-exchanger (with its cold flanges) can be installed flange-to-flange to the ductwork without the need to compensate for the thermal expansion of the heat exchanger.


  • Standard Construction:
    • Pre-engineered for quick delivery
    • 1.0" OD tubes (.049 inch avg wall thickness)
    • 1/4" thick tube sheet
    • Tubes mechanically expanded and fully welded to tube sheet.
    • All-welded casing (minimum 0.105 inches thick)
    • 4" of thermal insulation (6pcf minimum density)
    • All-welded outer casing (minimum 0.120 inches thick)
    • 2" x 2" x 1/4" pre-drilled flange connections
    • Highly effective counterflow pattern
    • Ready to be field-installed

      Custom Construction
    • Broad selection of materials
    • Single-pass and multi-pass units
    • Designed to meet user requirements
    • Complete systems
    • Matrix cleaning options
    • Special construction for temperatures to 1800°F
    • High-pressure construction


  • Energy Recovery 
  • Oxidizer 
  • Motor Cooling 
  • Solvent Recovery 
  • Painting Operations 
  • Combustion Air Preheat 
  • Baghouse Cooling 
  • Turbine Exhaust Heat Recovery 
  • Process Heating 

Building Types

  • Industrial Plants


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