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Munters Des Champs: Products
Unit Description

The Thermo-Wheel is a nominal 75% effective, periodic-flow-type heat-exchanger. This means that any point on the Thermo-Wheel rotates between the two air streams to cause transfer of heat and moisture from one air stream to the other.

This type of heat exchanger is principally used because of its ability to transfer moisture as well as sensible-energy between air streams. In climates where humid summers result in the majority of comfort-conditioning energy consumed, the “wheel” has been the air-to-air heat exchanger of choice.

Des Champs’ Thermo-Wheel is the result of a 6-year development program that we feel has led to the most durable, maintenance-free energy-recovery-wheel available. The rotor matrix consists of a corrugated aluminum substrate that is coated with a mixture of desiccant binder and 4-angstrom molecular sieve. The resulting matrix yields a rotor that has the lowest pressure drop, highest effectiveness, and lowest possible leakage between air streams when compared to other types of wheel construction.

Sizes are available from 100 to 60,000 CFM or up to 13-feet in diameter. Standard rotor thickness is 4 inches for diameters to 66 inches and 6 inches thick above. Des Champs' Thermo-Wheel is appropriate for all HVAC applications where latent loads are a large part of the total heating and cooling (not to be used for indoor pool dehumidification).


  • 3-mil thick, coated aluminum matrix
  • Corrugated matrix for structural integrity and to prevent angular flow between air streams
  • 4-angstrom molecular-sieve, moisture-transfer enhancement added to the surface within the matrix
  • Galvanized-steel casing
  • Counter-flow air streams
  • Designed to be stand-alone or to be incorporated into packaged energy-recovery systems
  • Outboard, heavy-duty, self-aligning, 250,000 hour bearings
  • Geared drive to allow low, 15 RPM rotor speed for increased belt, bearing, and seal life and reduced maintenance
  • Circumferential seals to reduce air by-passing the matrix
  • Radial seals to minimize cross-contamination

    Optional Features:
  • Corrosion-resistant rotor construction
  • All-stainless-steel case construction
  • Variable-speed drive to control amount of energy-recovery
  • Purge section that reduces cross-contamination
  • Sensible-only-wheel that does not transfer moisture between air streams


  • Energy Recovery 


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