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Munters Des Champs: Products
Varimax Products
Unit Description

Varimax IFRG combines Des Champs Technologies' heat-exchanger design with indirect heating technologies to deliver contaminant-free process-air with very high efficiency. Recirculation of the combustion gases allows the heater to attain an efficiency of 95 percent, 600°F (316°C) temperature rise and 1,000F (538C) discharge temperature, and a 40:1 turndown

VariMax OTH

The VariMax™ Once-Through Heater (OTH) is a high efficiency, industrial, indirect-fired gas heater used to heat process air streams without contaminating the air with the products of combustion. The OTH is well-suited for recirculating ovens, makeup-air applications in cold environments, and industrial processes with moderate temperature rises.

The counterflow configuration, four-pass design, and optimized, secondary, tubular heat-exchanger result in efficiencies up to 88%.

The heater uses a Maxon® industrial gas burner for clean, reliable combustion.

Standard OTH heat exchangers are constructed of heavy-duty, stainless-steel for strength, durability, and corrosion-resistance.

Units are available with FM or IRI certified gas-trains and complete heater controls. Des Champs can also provide complete heating packages, including filters, dampers, fans, and duct sections or separate housings.

The OTH can handle airflows from 2000 to 65,000 SCFM and produce air temperature rises from 20°F to 150°F*, with a maximum outlet temperature of 600°F. The heaters may be placed in series or in parallel as long as the temperature restrictions are not exceeded. Heaters can also be coupled with dampers to provide variable-volume systems.



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