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Super Radiator Coils: Products
Super Steam Coils

SRC has a new Super Steam product line designed to meet the basic requirements of most HVAC steam coils. This streamlined product line still maintains SRC standard for quality and service, while offering a quickly fabricated and less expensive steam coil.

By focusing on the most requested steam coil features, we are able to efficiently stock coil specific components, and simplify the coil ordering process and its production. The result is a coil that can be built to a desired size and performance, while offering cost savings to customers that are flexible as to the steam coils final design. Another benefit is that these coils can be quickly fabricated and shipped.

If your steam coil fits within the following Super Steam Coil features, you may benefit from ordering a steam coil from this new product line.

Maximum operating conditions are 150 PSIG saturated steam and 360° F.

5/8" or 1" OD Tube Coil

1 or 2 Row (5/8") or 1 Row (1")

Fin Height is in increments of 1 ½" (for 5/8" Tube) and 3" (for 1" Tube)

Super Steam materials of construction and thickness are acceptable

Super Steam standard casing and overall coil dimensions are acceptable

Super Steam standard header size, and connection size and location, are acceptable

Steam coils requiring other features, dimensions or options, we offer our Standard Steam (STD), Steam Distributing (SD) and Specialty product lines.

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