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Heat Exchangers

Shell and Tube heat exchangers have two sides, one side is for the process the other the utility, designed to transfer heat from one side to another. Shell and tube heat exchangers typically offer a low cost and low maintenance solution.

If you have any questions about our American Industrial shell tube heat exchangers will benefit your application please contact us: 1-888-226-8522

  Food & Beverage
  Marine Applications
  Air Processing & Compressor Cooling
  Petrochemical: Processing & Refining
  Metals and Mining
  Materials & Construction:
  Copper Alloy
  Stainless Steel
  Carbon Steel
  Non-Ferrous Copper Alloy
  1, 2 or 4 Pass Options
  AA Series
  AB Series
  ABR Series
  CK Series
  CKS Series
  EAB Series
  FBF Series
  SAE Series
  STA Series
  STC Series
  STS Series
  UCF Series
  UCN Series
  UCRS Series
  UCS Series
  URCF Series
  URCN Series
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