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- Shell & Tube
- Finned Coils
- Plate & Frame
- Brazed Plate
- Air Cooled Oil Coolers
- Fin Fan Oil Coolers
- Wort Coolers
- Embossed Plate
- Hairpin & Double Pipe
- Refrigeration Chillers
& Condensers
- Air & Gas Drying Systems
- Industrial Silencers
& Moisture Separators
- Cooling Towers
  Markets & Applications
- Industrial
- Food and Beverage
- Marine Applications
- Air Processing / Compressor Cooling
- Petrochemical: Processing & Refining
- Pharmaceuticals
- Power Generation
- Metals and Mining
- Sanitary Exchangers
- Chillers
- Marine
- Hydraulic Oil Coolers
- Injection Molding
- Compressor Aftercoolers
- Electric Heaters
- Refrigeration
- Pulp and Paper
Line Card:
Exchangers for food processing, CIP, pharmaceutical and chemical industries
Process air-cooled exchangers - API 661 specification products for engines, gas compression, oil cooling, gas processing, condensing, chemical plants and refineries
  Thermal Transfer Products
Complete line of shell & tube and air-cooled heat exchangers for new applications and interchangeable replacement products for other manufacturers
Oil cooling coils for generator thrust and guide bearings, replacement or new designs
  Heat Transfer Group
ONDA & Danfoss Brazed plate exchangers for heating or cooling applications including refrigeration condensers and evaporators.  316 s/s with either copper or nickel braze material
  Industrial Heat Transfer
Industrial coils and other custom finned tube products including, transformer oil cooling, exhaust heat recovery and fan cooled unit
Accu-Therm plate heat exchangers, Temp-Plate embossed surface heat exchangers for industrial marine & food / sanitary designs
  Super Radiator Coils
Refrigerant, steam and water finned tube coils- engineered process - fan cooled
  RSD Cooling Towers
Fiberglass cooling towers complete with controls, shipment from stock
Tube in tube and triple tube corrugated tube exchangers for solids in suspension, fibers, and slurries. Stainless steel construction standard.
  Advantage Engineering
Chilers using both water and glycol for indoor and outdoor installations. Portable and central models available.
Simple, flexible, cost-effective compact brazed plate heat exchangers.
Spiral plate heat exchangers from 1 to 500 sq. feet in surface area. stainless steel and other alloys available.
Air and water cooled heat exchangers. Moisture seperators and thermostatic valves.
Water and air cooled after coolers, heat exchangers, moisture seperators, and drain traps.
  AIM Aurora Industrial Machining
  Custom engineered heat exchangers for air seperation, compressor OEM, chemical, petrochemical, API, Refrigeration, and power generation.
  Coil Master
  Standard steam, freeze block,evaporator, fluid, condenser, booster, and steam distribution coils. American owned and operated company.
  Burgess Manning
Industrial silencers and inlet gas filter / silencers, compressed gas moisture separators and filters including pulsation dampeners for compressors and pressure blowers
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