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Finned Coils
Heat Exchangers

Coils are used in many applications, each having their own unique challenges. Our plate or helical style of fin, as well as various tube patterns, allow our coils to easily adapt and meet such challenges.

Plate Fins - Each fin is cut from a sheet of flat material, then punched in a specific pattern that accommodates all the coil tubes. This is similar to stacked sheets of ring binder notebook paper. Over 20 different combinations of tube sizes and center patterns are available.

Helical Fins - (Also referred to as "Spiral Wrapped"), A narrow strip of material is tension wound onto individual coil tubes, like threads on a screw. Individually finned tubes can be positioned on nearly any desired tube center distance.

These are the most common fin styles on coils, each having its advantages, and allowing us to design the right coil for your particular application, and your special requirements.

Plate Fins


Helical Fins




Low air friction


Increase thermal conductivity

Easy to clean/traps less dirt


Less fin material

Easy to apply coatings


Able to replace a single damaged tube

Tubes interlocked together


Compact fin bundle

Better vibration/tube sag strength


Vary tube face and row centers/closer fit for replacement coils

Wide fin spacing


Maintain fin bond at high temperatures

Handle ice/frost build-up


Use exotic tube materials

Tight fin-to-tube bond


Use extremely thick walled tube or pipe

Allows surface enhancements for increased thermal performance


Reverse tube pitch to drain a multi-row coil for vertical airflow

Hydrostatic leak test each tube (standard)


Accommodates header/tube thermal expansion on tall/long coils



Position headers far from the coil

Typical Applications
Food and Beverage
Marine Applications
Air Processing / Compressor Cooling
Petrochemical: Processing & Refining
Power Generation
Metals and Mining
Pulp and Paper

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