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Hairpin & Double Pipe
Heat Exchangers

Hairpin heat exchangers utilize true counter-current flow to which maximizes the temperature differences between the shellside and the tubeside fluids, resulting in less surface area required for a given duty. Hairpin / Double pipe exchangers differ from traditional multi-pass Shell and Tube designs where correction factors are used to account for the inefficiencies resulting from co-current passes.

Hairpin / Double Pipe exchangers are especially suitable for extreme temperature crossing, high pressure, high temperature, and low to moderate surface area requirements. So when your process calls for a temperature cross (when the hot fluid outlet temperature is below the cold fluid outlet temperature), a hairpin heat exchanger is the most efficient design and will result in fewer sections and less surface area.

Double-pipe heat exchangers use a single pipe within a pipe design and are commonly used for high fouling services such as slurries, where abrasive materials are present, and for smaller duties. Standard shell diameters typically range from 2” to 6”.

Multi-tube heat exchangers are used in larger dutie applications with standard designs established for shell diameters up to 30”; with surface area in excess of 10,000 ft² per section.

If you have any questions about how a hairpin / double pipe exchangers will benefit your application please contact us: 1-888-226-8522

  Process demanding a temperature cross
  High tubeside pressure
  low allowable pressure drop
  Cyclic service
  High flow rate ratios
  High terminal temperature differences (300°F or greater)
  If an augmentation device will enhance the heat transfer coefficient
  when dealing with thermal shock
  If flow induced vibration is a problem
  heating or cooling vapours
  When complete vaporization is required
  When solids are present in the process stream
  When the mechanical advantages of a hairpin are preferred
  Air Processing & Compressor Cooling
  Petrochemical: Processing & Refining
  Metals and Mining
  Pulp & Paper
  Materials & Construction:
  Bare tube
  finned tube
  multi-tube bare tube
  multi-tube finned tube
  Alco Twin
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