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Heat Exchanger Manufacturer:
Super Radiator Coils
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Super Radiator Coils offers cost effective durable and thermal efficient heating and cooling coils, to meet each customers challenging and unique heat transfer project. Super Radiator Coils customers benefit from a wide range of coil products, optional features, and customized services.
  Finned Coils
Gas to Gas Exchangers
Refrigeration Chillers & Condensers
Air & Gas Drying Systems
Food and Beverage
Marine Applications
Air Processing
Compressor Cooling Petrochemical
Processing & Refining
Power Generation
Metals and Mining Refrigeration
Pulp and Paper


  Plate-Helical Type Finned Coils
  Coils are used in many diverse applications, each having their own unique challenges. Super Radiator Coils plate or helical style of fin, as well as various tube patterns, allow our coils to easily adapt and meet such challenges.
  Refrigerant Evaporator/DX Coils
  Super Radiator Coils offers refrigerant evaporators covering a multitude of applications. They range from comfort cooling to ultra-low/cryogenic temperatures, to all stainless steel for solvent recovery or all aluminum for food processing.
  Glycols/Oils/Brines Coils
  Super Radiator Coils can engineer coils for single phase fluids such as glycols and brines along with special heavy duty coils for thermal oils and gases in high temperature/pressure and corrosive industrial applications.
  Steam Coils
  We offer basic and heavy duty designs for difficult steam applications. Our Steam Distributing (SD) and Standard Steam (STD) coils are fabricated from copper tubes with copper or aluminum fins (other materials are available). They are suitable for steam pressures up to 150 PSIG and designed for a variety of heating and drying applications.
  Refrigerant Condenser Coils
  Our condenser coils are designed for the high pressure and temperature associated with refrigeration condensing and the outdoor environment.
  Specialty Coils

We can build coils in special "V", "A", "L", "U" and circular shapes, or form parallelogram fin bundles. The coil can have exotic materials, be provided with unusual/complex header and connection arrangements, and have multiple coils in the same casing. Also we can accommodate coils requiring special handling, cleaning and leak testing.

  Super Steam Coils
  SRC has a new Super Steam product line designed to meet the basic requirements of most HVAC steam coils. This streamlined product line still maintains SRC standard for quality and service, while offering a quickly fabricated and less expensive steam coil.
  Air Coolers
  Commercial / light duty as well as heavy duty, Ship Engineered Products, arrange structures to fit any field application
  Water Coils
  Our type 5CW chilled water and 5HW hot water coils, designed for comfort conditioning, have been extensively tested and the operating performance certified to ARI standards. Coils requiring an assurance of strength for domestic and foreign markets, can be built, inspected and stamped to the ASME code.
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