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Danfoss Brazed Plate

Heat Exchangers


Danfoss is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of brazed plate heat exchangers for air conditioning, refrigeration, and other systems requiring heating or cooling. Brazed plate heat exchangers by Danfoss provide superior performance and cost-effectiveness for a wide range of applications, including custom requirements. Each heat exchanger consists of thin metal plates that are brazed as one. Rigid frames channel flow in cross current design improving heat transfer efficiency.

Danfoss currently offers 15 brazed plate heat exchanger models to meet your needs. Each model is designed to be compact and provide high efficiency with energy-saving qualities.

-Model B3-048 is designed with a patented configuration of different corrugation depths on a single plate. With a capacity rage of 30 to 80 kW, this model allows a large flow rate with a minimal pressure drop and lower charge volume.

-Model B3-260 is an ideal selection for HVAC and chiller applications.

-Danfoss makes 10 different models for chiller and boiler operations.

- For air driers and chillers Danfoss recommends models B3-014, B3-027 and B3-136.

-The entire range of brazed plate heat exchangers may be used for heat pumps, de-super heaters, economizers, and other applications.

Danfoss brazed plate heat exchangers are a perfect fit for many applications in the food, beverage, chemical process, compressor, refrigeration and pharmaceutical industries.

Danfoss Brazed Plate
Danfoss Brazed Plate Products:
  EnFusion™ B3-012   EnFusion™ B3-048
  EnFusion™ B3-014   EnFusion™ B3-052
  EnFusion™ B3-014B   EnFusion™ B3-095
  EnFusion™ B3-014C   EnFusion™ B3-095B
  EnFusion™ B3-018   EnFusion™ B3-113
  EnFusion™ B3-020   EnFusion™ B3-136
  EnFusion™ B3-027   EnFusion™ B3-210
  EnFusion™ B3-030   EnFusion™ B3-260B

If you have any questions about how Danfoss brazed plate heat exchangers will benefit your application please contact us: 1-888-226-8522

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