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Flat Plate

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Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

FlatPlate Exchangers

GEA FlatPlate heat exchangers are utilized in many heating and cooling applications, industrial processes, including steam, hydronic and refrigeration.


  Industrial & Hydronic:
Products for the Industrial & Hydronic Market:
  FP Series- typical fluid to fluid applications
  MP Series- marine, process and pool side applications

  Refrigeration Products:
Products for the Refrigeration Market:
  CH Series- A low cost yet effective liquid cooler / chiller
  CH-2C Series- Chiller Barrel or multi compressor systems
  CHN Series- Chrome or Nickel Brazed for deionized water
  C Series- Refrigerants including R-410a, R-404a, R-134a R-22
  SC Series- Low Cost and Small Subcooler
  FP Series- Fluid on fluid Applications
  DW Series- Vented & Double wall for separation
  MP Series- Multi-purpose marine and pool side applications
  NH3 Series- Ammonia refrigeration exchanger

If you have any questions about how GEA Flat Plate heat exchangers will benefit your application please contact us: 1-888-226-8522

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