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Embossed Plate
Heat Exchangers
Embossed Plate Exchanger

Embossed Plate Exchanger

Embossed Plate Exchanger
What is Mueller Temp-Plate?

Mueller Temp-Plate is a versatile heat transfer product that can be custom built to nearly any shape or style. Temp-Plate is used in various industries, including chemical, metal finishing, plating, textile, pharmaceutical, brewery, dairy, pulp and paper, food & beverage, nuclear, and waste water treatment. Temp-Plates are typically manufactured from stainless steel, carbon steel or other similar alloys. Surface finishes include electropolish, mill, and machine polished.

Styles of Mueller Temp-Plate

Double-Embossed Surface:
Most commonly used style for immersion applications, double-embossed construction makes maximum use of the heating / cooling surface. A double-embossed surface is made when two sides of the heat transfer plate are inflated, thus expanding and creating channels for fluid flow.
Double Embossed Temp Plate

Single-Embossed Surface:
Single embossed surface Temp-Plates are economical type typically for tank walls, or when a flat side is required.
Single Embossed Temp Plate

Dimpled Surface:
Dimpled Temp-Plates are constructed when two plates are 'punched' as one, creating passages for fluid.
Dimpled Surface Temp Plate

If you have any questions about how Mueller Embossed Plate will benefit your application please contact us:
Typical Applications
Food and Beverage
Marine Applications
Air Processing / Compressor Cooling
Petrochemical: Processing & Refining
Power Generation
Metals and Mining
Pulp and Paper

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