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Products: Industrial Silencers /Separators & Filters
Industrial Separators
Manufactured By:

From cyclone separators and slug catchers, to centrifugal separators and gas/liquid vane separators, think Burgess-Manning.

Burgess-Manning offers a full range of industrial separators and process separation products for a wide variety of industries.  Our primary focus is on the removal of solid and liquid contaminants - via products like our gas/liquid vane separators - from a process stream that is primarily gaseous (air, steam, natural gas, N2, H2, O2, CO2, etc.)

Burgess-Manning has developed proprietary technological designs that utilize the principles of centrifugal force, coalescence, impingement, surface tension, filtration, and other physical processes to achieve the desired performance.  Over 50 years of separation experience are combined with advanced analytical and predictive techniques, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), 2-D and 3-D Computer Assisted Design (CAD) to produce highly efficient and reliable separation designs.  An on-going product development program, including in-house and on-site testing of actual equipment, serves to maintain Burgess-Manning's position as a leading supplier of separation equipment and a trusted manufacturer of industrial separators.

Gas/liquid vane separators, centrifugal separators, filter separators, cyclone separators, vacuum pump separators, slug catchers or a combination of these designs can be provided to achieve the highest performance for specific needs.  All industrial separator designs are engineered-to-order, with virtually unlimited configuration options, suitable for any piping, instrumentation, or orientation arrangement, and have the benefit of proven performance in a myriad of applications.

Savings in weight, size, and cost are inherent with the use of our purpose-built ASME Code separator vessels and internals, and are available in a variety of metallurgical choices, including carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, and other alloys.  From cryogenic to superheated, vacuum to ultra-high pressure, new or retrofit, Burgess-Manning has a separation solution for your process needs.


Vane Separators

Filter Separators & Coalescing Filters




Dry Gas Filters

Slug Catchers


Vertical Gas

Horizontal Filter/Separators




Vertical Filter/Separators

Multicyclone/Vane Separators

Axial Flow


ULTRASEP Filter Coalescer

Vane/Tuyere Separators




Three Phase Separators




Pulsation Dampners





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