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Heat Exchangers

Tube-in-tube heat exchangers utilize true counter-current flow to which maximizes the temperature differences between the inner and outter fluid flows, resulting in less surface area required for a given duty. Tube in Tube exchangers differ from traditional single or multi-pass shell and tube designs because they are constructed with typically a single tube within a tube, or a few tubes within a tube, called multi tube; differnt in that traditional shell and tube desings usually have many tubes spaced closely to maximize surface area.

Tube-in-tube exchangers are especially suited for extreme temperature crossing, high pressure, high temperature, and are most commonly used for high fouling service.

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  High Fouling Service
  High Pressure
  Low Pressure Drop
  Sanitary Food and Beverage
  Materials & Construction:
  Stainless Steel
  single tube-in-tube
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