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Super Radiator Coils: Products
Refrigerant Evaporator/DX Coils

Super Radiator Coils offers refrigerant evaporators covering a multitude of applications. They range from comfort cooling to ultra-low/cryogenic temperatures, to all stainless steel for solvent recovery or all aluminum for food processing. We can work with a wide variety of standard and special refrigerants (including ammonia, R-123, R-508B and R-410A) to meet almost any application requirements.

Our many fin surfaces, tubes sizes, and thermal enhancements allow designs that maximize a coils heat transfer and minimize its weight and refrigerant charge. Optional wide spaced or staged fins handle surface frost. Multiple and interlaced coil circuiting allow for levels of cooling control.

Evaporator coils come with distributors and headers properly sized and located for the specific application. Most of these coils are available with UL, CSA and ETL listing..

Ammonia evaporator, flooded and recirculation type coils are available with 5/8" and 7/8" OD tubes and optional hot dipped galvanized coating.

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