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Products: Industrial Silencers /Separators & Filters
Industrial Filters
Manufactured By:

In the market for quality efficient industrial air filters, air intake filters or filter silencers? Think Burgess-Manning.

Burgess Manning’s industrial air filters and filter silencers are available in several models and sizes for installation on the intake of internal combustion engines, small gas turbines, rotary positive blowers and centrifugal and reciprocating compressors. Information on gas filter/separators including dry gas filters and coalescing filters can be obtained on the Industrial Separators page.

Single stage filters can deliver efficiencies of 85% for particle sizes 10 microns and larger.
Dual stage filters can deliver efficiencies of 99.5% for particle sizes 2 microns and larger

The table below is a partial list of filters and filter/silencer products that Burgess-Manning offers:

 Model  Description
 BAF  Cartridge type filter
 BAFS  Cartridge type filter/silencer
 BMF  Flat panel type filter/silencer - parts are stocked for fast delivery
 F-Series  Replacement flat panel filters
 BFS  Snubber type filter silencer provides up to 25+ dB and filters 99% 10+ microns

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